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Corporate Profile

A Letter to Our Shareholders

From Todd Dremver, President and Glen Stamwork, CEO

Corporate portrait

Our shareholders are our greatest asset. Our shareholders trust us because we never flinch from what we have to do. And what we have to do is to do what our shareholders want us to do, which is what we do do.

When we look back to when we were based in a tiny storefront office under the International School of Scandinavian Arts on the corner of Clamp and Bread in Mapletusk, WI, it was clear already that what we were doing was world-shaking. Someone once said that luck is the intersection of hard work and opportunity - we say that luck is the intersection of Clamp Street and Bread Avenue. Where our office was.

Our vision, even in those days, was one of profitability through contribution. Not only ours, but a whole network (or nerve-complex, if you will) of contributors including many participants whom other businesses had traditionally overlooked: shut-ins, the socially handicapped, rare comic collectors - people whose value could be added to ours in order to add to our profitability in a value-added way. And we've succeeded.

For the future, we plan to do more. Now that we've begun, there will be no stopping us. We hope that all of our faithful shareholders will join us in our journey into the amazing possibilities of tomorrow.

Your President & CEO